Support LD 131: Fight Back Against Janet Mills’ “Emergency Powers”

Beginning of the Letter

Dear Representative,

I am writing you to encourage you to support LD 131 An Act to Amend the Governor’s Emergency Powers.  This legislation isn’t about one governor but about the authority any governor has during an emergency to act without legislative input.

The legislature is the first branch of government and is the voice of Mainers yet since last March 15th the people’s voice has been silenced by ever extending emergency orders.  This legislation will ensure during future emergencies after thirty days any extensions.

The bill recognizes that the Governor during an emergency has a need to act quickly and decisively and includes language taken from other sections of the emergency powers statute that allows the Legislative Council to approve quickly certain decisions that impact the entire state.

Today the only tool the Legislature has during an emergency to influence the Governor’s actions is to end the emergency with a Joint Resolution.  This leaves the legislative branch in the position of just giving a thumbs up or thumbs down to everything rather than ensuring the Chief Executive and the Legislature work together to ensure the response does as little harm has possible while meeting the demands of the emergency we face.  This bill would ensure that in future emergencies the Legislature has a voice without having to terminate the emergency proclamation. 

It is time to restore a balance of power between the branches of state government.  There is no argument that emergency powers must exist for the Governor but they should not come at the cost of removing the Legislature from its role of setting policy.

Thank you for your time in reading this letter and please support LD 131 An Act to Amend the Governor’s Emergency Powers.


End of Letter

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